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Moving to Remote Learning

           The specials team has created ‘Specials Bingo’ where students are provided with lesson plans from Library, P.E, Art, and Music. They can choose which specials lesson to do each day, but they must complete the lessons by the end of the week. We found this to be most effective as students can take on the workload at their own time, especially when the students are also required to keep up with their core curriculum.  

            When creating art lessons for ‘Specials Bingo’ I had to consider the materials students may or may not have. Fortunately, every student was provided with a Chromebook, so I included art videos and resource pages because I knew every student could get online. When considering art materials, I thought outside of the box when considering household materials and materials they could find in nature. I posted examples of my own on Google Classroom to give students some inspiration. 

            The other Specials teachers and I began using Padlet, a site where students can upload and ‘turn in’ examples of their work. This was a great way for students to get inspiration for their own work as well as comment on each other’s work. In addition, the specials teachers had to create new lessons for the last three weeks of school with an additional week long project. This project was creating a school song/ mission statement and emblem for Parmalee Elementary because they have yet to have one! For the art portion, I made a handout along with a YouTube video of an emblem I made myself! Although we stressed that this was an optional assignment, students can upload their results to Padlet in which the staff will vote on which one to use for Parmalee.

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